Welcome to D. J. Newman Photography!

I was given access to a darkroom when only 11 years old. That, along with some thoughtful instruction, opened my eyes to the world of photography. This early experience greatly enhanced my understanding of how to create a quality image. Though film photography is becoming more and more of a rarity the principles are much the same today.

Photography has always been a passion. As a professional photographer I have shot everything from pro sports to portraits and weddings.  Still, my passion has always been the outdoors; those wild places that remain untouched by man.  Even as a kid I always wanted to be outside exploring backcountry trails. My love of hiking, climbing, camping and trout fishing began even before my love of photography.  As John Muir famously said, "The mountains are calling and I must go.".  

I believe strongly in nature conservation, the protection of our wild places and their importance in our society.  Each trip into the backcountry gives me the opportunity to share the experience with others through my art. Please feel free to contact me at dj@djnewmanphotography.com. Questions, comments and are always welcome! And, if you see someone out on the trail, or up high on a mountain peak, lugging 25+ pounds of photography equipment, it just might be me.  Please stop and say hello!